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Dr. Margaret R. Troxell owned a multi-doctor family practice clinic for 18 years, before founding her Anti-Aging Centre in Knoxville Tn. Her passion for anti-aging medicine began when her mother and aunt died from ovarian cancer. Understanding that she was predisposed to cancer, Dr. Troxell began investigating other causes of the disease. During her research, Dr. Troxell became convinced that a proactive approach was the best way to fight the disease that had already taken so much from her.

20160126_113200As a result, the focus of her medicine changed from treating the symptoms to preventing the disease. Prevention of illness and age-onset conditions has been Dr. Troxell’s passion for the past nine years. She uses her investigative approach to find the root causes of specific, individualized treatment program for each patient. Programs include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, compounded vitamins, a balanced diet, and exercise. As a medical practitioner, Dr. Troxell is a leader in the field of Anti -Ageing. As any patient or college will attest Dr. Troxell spends countless hours after office hours, continually researching the latest developments in science and medical technology. 

One such topic that she researched and utilizes on a regular basis is The Health Dividend of Glutathione By Dean P. Jones, PhD

Knoxville Anti Aging

Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring chemical used by the human body to protect against chemical and environmental threats. As a consequence of aging, lifestyle, diet, and disease, a gap can develop between the needs and availability of GSH. GSH decreases in association with risk factors for disease and undergoes a diurnal variation with lowest values beginning in the morning and extending through midday. Decreased GSH has been associated with specific diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and has been implicated in many others. Abundant biochemical data support a direct causal link between low GSH, impaired defenses, and cellular susceptibility in model systems. Emerging personalized health strategies utilize GSH as a quantitative indicator of health with the expectation that diet selection, GSH supplementation, and lifestyle approaches can be used to manage GSH status, thereby providing a health dividend by protecting against disease development.


More than 100 years of research and 81,000 scientific papers have established glutathione (GSH) as one of the most important protective molecules in the human body. The present article provides a brief overview of GSH and its functions in health and disease. Low GSH has been implicated in neuronal, hepatic, renal, pulmonary, cardiac, musculoskeletal, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, visual, auditory, and infectious  Read More