Our Philosophy

Dr. Margaret Troxell is proving to her patients that seeking health and a happy, more energetic lifestyle is about more than a quick fix. It’s about making the decision to prevent and not just to react, and it’s about finding the physician that will invest in your life as much as you are investing.

Dr. Troxell’s Anti-Aging Centre is a West Knoxville medical office dedicated to healing and maintaining the body at a level that allows its patients to put their lives on a consistent track to long-term health.

Feeling young, healthy and energized starts with a personal health assessment by Dr. Margaret R. Troxell.

“We look for individual markers for aging. We actually do preventative medicine and we want to prevent disease from occurring. We will have a patient come in, fasting, and perform several different tests along with a complete physical and in-depth medical history,” Dr. Troxell says

Dr. Troxell’s Anti-Aging Centre strives to offer its clients a personalized experience by educating them about their bodies, how they work and how to heal them. Because the greatest thing we can do for our bodies is learn what they need and how to treat them, Dr. Troxell goes above and beyond to dedicate her every resource to learning about your needs and teaching you to facilitate them independently in your everyday life.

Dr. Troxell’s Anti-Aging Centre offers medicine and education, to make you feel healthier from inside out. Services offered are:

  • Individualized patient-specific medicine
  • Bio Identical Hormone Replacement
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Treatment
  • Compounded Vitamins and Supplements